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Starting from the water paint development pull children wardrobe

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According to the survey on children's wardrobe consumer market, more and more parents purchase wardrobe, the primary reference standard is the environmental protection closet. Paint as the main source of VOC pollution, directly determines the quality of the environmental protection bureau. Since this year, water paint set off a craze in the Home Furnishing market, more and more Home Furnishing enterprises said, "the future Home Furnishing industry water paint or will become standard". Therefore, the wardrobe enterprises, water based paint to stimulate children's wardrobe consumer market, is a wise choice.

The water paint into the future trend of children's furniture market accounted for 80%

According to the market survey, water-based paint more widely used in children's furniture, such as the use of all I love my family, to the White House, the most famous children's furniture is water-based paint. The finished furniture generally brushing paint, usually with banana water as diluent, contains a lot of benzene, xylene and other harmful carcinogens. However, children and adolescents physical weak, respiratory sensitivity, brand furniture in the paint used on prefer water paint to choose non-toxic.


Starting from the water paint development pull children wardrobe


Children's furniture to use water-based paint is a kind of inevitable trend, using the ratio of water-based paint is increasing year by year, children's furniture market accounted for about 80%, moreover, the high-end adult furniture use ratio of water paint also is in constant growth. An industry source said: "the new national standard of children furniture market on environmental requirements more stringent, so water paint become children's furniture environmental choice. Waterborne paint on children's furniture using larger proportion, well-known brands of children's furniture basically is the use of water-based paint.

Pull the child wardrobe Market from the paint to start

Water-based paint market abroad occupy the paint industry market share of 80%-90%, while in China, the paint industry is still dominated the paint, water-based paint market share accounted for only about 10%. However, paint products with its irreplaceable advantages of safety and environmental protection, is to subvert the traditional paint market position. Because of the environmental health products like water paint, let everyone enjoy the fresh air at the same time, do not have to worry about health threats brought Home Furnishing coating.

In the present background of solving environmental pollution is lower, more and more parents attach great importance to their children's health, want to get rid of suffering from paint implicit threat. Therefore, the wardrobe paint spraying water will become the best choice. With the development of the industry Home Furnishing, water-based paint the future is bound to become the new favorite wardrobe industry, while children wardrobe market will need to rely on the water paint to pull.