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Classification and performance requirements of exterior wall coatings

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Made of exterior wall coating by high elastic silicone acrylic emulsion, titanium white powder additives. In addition to high performance exterior wall coatings with high walls Rujiaoqi, continuity and decorative waterproof function has more excellent elastic so it can endow coating. Due to the adoption of the new technology, the coating has excellent stain resistance, breathing ability and adhesion.

Many kinds of exterior wall paint, can be divided into strong anti acid exterior wall paint, silicone self-cleaning water resistant exterior wall paint, steel waterproof putty powder, pure acrylic elastic exterior wall paint, silicone self-cleaning elastic exterior wall paint, senior acrylic wall paint, fluorocarbon paint, ceramic tile, ceramic tile, special primer topcoat high weather resistant hydrophobic surface paint, environmental protection exterior wall latex paint, oil paint, acrylic exterior oil tyrants, metallic paint, interior and exterior wall multifunctional coating etc..

The invention of a new building exterior wall paint, it can decompose harmful substances contained in the air. As the experimental ecological paint will begin in March this year is widely used in Italy. Developed by Millennium Chemicals coating first absorption decomposition of nitric oxide, nitric oxide is a by-product of burning fossil energy, also often contains automobile exhaust and smoke material.

Low carbon art paint is paint, natural wheat straw, bamboo fiber into the paint manufacturing plant material. The pastoral scenery of low carbon art paint first proposed the "brand positioning low carbon artist", the development of coating industry to seize the commanding heights of low carbon, art, leading the new consumption era coatings industry!

Exterior paint performance requirements

1, good decoration: wall paint colors and color retention is good, can keep the original decoration performance over a long period of time.

2, good weather resistance of exterior wall paint, coating: due to exposure to the atmosphere, to withstand wind, sun, rain, salt spray corrosion, temperature change effects, in the long-term repeated action of these external environment, prone to cracking, powder coating, spalling, discoloration and other phenomena, so that the coating lose decoration protection the original functions. Thus, requirements for wall within the specified service life, the coating shall not occur the damage phenomenon.

3, stain resistance: due to differences in China's environmental conditions in different parts of a larger, for some heavy industry, mining industry developed city, because of the higher atmospheric dust and other suspended matter, makes easy to stain coating lose the original decorative effect, thus affecting the appearance of buildings. Therefore, exterior wall coating has better stain resistance, so that the coating is not easy to pollution or contamination is easy to wash off.

4, good water resistance: exterior paint finishes exposed to the atmosphere, often by the rain. Therefore, external coating should have good water resistance.

5, good resistance to mildew: exterior paint finishes easy to mildew in humid environment. Therefore, for coating inhibited fungi and algae growth and reproduction.

In addition, according to the design requirement, and also put forward higher requirements on the exterior wall coating: coating such as thermal insulation system used in a variety of external demand, exterior wall coating has good elastic elongation, in order to better adapt to the local deformation and surface layer, with a cover of small cracks at the grass-roots level should also; better metal texture, long outdoor durability, anti decorative effect coating for exterior wall of aluminum composite panel.

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