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Coating frequency exposure quality event paint knowledge required course

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1 what is the paint?

Paint is a kind of liquid or powder state materials, it can be by coating construction technology specific in the object surface, dried and solidified to form solid surface, has a certain strength, a continuous solid coating, coated with the protection, decoration or other special features. Paint varieties, uses a wide range of. Play an important role in the national economy and people's lives. Annual use of coating weight is an important indicator of a country's standard of living.

What is the difference between the 2 coatings and paint?

In our country is generally believed that the paint is water-based paint, is used to brush the surface of buildings, the paint brush is used to wood for metal. In fact, this is a mistake. Coatings include paint, it can be divided into water-based paint and oil paint. With the development of petroleum chemical industry, chemical products emerge in an endless stream, modern paint has been out of the traditional oil production paint, paint products more and more through chemical synthesis preparation, coating type, used more and more widely. Therefore the difference between them lies in the paint is a kind of coating. Paint the broader.

3 what is the general function of the paint?

Decoration: paint color, texture, and gloss finish level to provide a decorative role.

Protection: provide different protection coating for different types of bottom material. On the basis of different coating formulations, paint can provide high humidity, chemical, oil, corrosion protection, algae growth and wear etc..

Special function: the coating can also be formulated for special purposes. For example, mark fluorescent paint, there are other fire retardant paint, anti condensation of paint and electrophoretic paint etc..

4 what is the general properties of the coating?

The performance of coatings can be divided into: open cans, paint appearance of low temperature freezing and thawing.

The construction method and coating properties: brush, roller coating, spraying, and construction feel leveling performance etc..

Appearance: such as gloss, fullness, color, delicate.

Drying time: surface dry time, work time, re coating time, maintenance period.

Adhesion to the base material: or old paint film adhesion.

Covering power: the normal brushing times, whether the cover bottom.

Mechanical properties: hardness, impact, flexibility.

Resistance: UV resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, anti alkali, anti mildew algae.

Persistence: whether long-term with gloss and color retention.

Storage stability: precipitation trend, viscosity stability.