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How to buy environmentally-friendly latex paint

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In Home Furnishing decoration must know paint is good or bad relations between the occupants of the physical and mental health, to choose the national standard (GB) products, so to choose according to their own needs paint suitable in the purchase of latex paint, do not blindly pursue "senior" or freeloaders only the pursuit of latex paint price, you know paint the quality of the relationship between the occupants of the physical and mental health, to choose the national standard (GB) products.

Choose paint steps / methods

A, environmental protection

Latex paint large area is used in the home, nature is the most important environmental protection. The paint contains VOC and other harmful substances, generally speaking, the VOC content of paint is low, its environmental protection index is higher. Recently in the market to see the quality of this type of coatings for interior wall paint, high quality interior wall paint is a new generation of high-grade Rujiaoqi combined net flavor technology and coating function perfect, the innovation net flavor technology, latex paint and low VOC content and easy construction of inner wall latex paint. High hiding power, the painted face is big, high brightness, uniform color, good hand feeling, good workability, good adhesion and anti alkali and other characteristics, can long protection with plaster and gypsum wall. The main characteristics of odor and ultra low VOC, covering power, while alkaline, good adhesion.

Two, film

For a long time, the surface of genuine latex paint will form a thick, elastic film, not easy to crack; and defective only a thin layer of the membrane, fragile, with pungent smell.

Three, Wen Wei

The real environmental protection emulsioni paint is water-based non-toxic tasteless, so when you smell the pungent odor or industrial flavor taste, can not choose. Now on the market are the "odor" paint, specially added "odor removal technology, such as" Jia Baili "net taste 120" 5 1 high quality interior wall paint, but also the odor technology, do not add flavor, fast net leaf, let you get rid of the smell of distress, easy to create a healthy environment natural pure at the same time, space, quality formula to make the film delicate, excellent flexibility, has the indemnity cover minor cracks, super scrub resistance, super anti alkali, double wall mildew, long lasting five function, selection of pure color, help you heart to create a pure and elegant space, is Home Furnishing commercial space and new wall brushing or old wall renovation of the ideal choice. "Net taste 120" 5 in 1, fast odor

Four, handle

Used a stick to mix latex paint, and then stick to stir up, high-quality latex paint will flow down into a fan shape. Finger touch, genuine latex paint should feel smooth, delicate.

Five, scrub resistance

Can be a little paint brush to the cement wall, coating dry wet dishcloth scrub, real scrubbing resistance of latex paint is very strong, have a significant effect on the coating appearance will not rub one hundred or two hundred times; and low water soluble discoloration of dozens of times that occurred off the powder, grinning sexual paint brush only.

In Home Furnishing decoration, must remember the above five methods at the time of purchase, so you can rest assured to buy latex paint, decoration, also can let oneself live in a healthy living environment.