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To investigate the latex paint environmental protection and

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Recently, the reader Mr. Tang calls a phone to say, the thought of the market for the purchase of a new house decoration and the use of interior wall paint, who knows to the building materials market found, the brand name of different environmental protection paint, at least several dozens kind, what the choice of what kind of? Is the price of your more safety?

Labeled "environmental protection" is three times more expensive

After visiting the latex paint market, anti formaldehyde varnish, paint, clean taste children's special environmental protection paint, mould proof alkali resistance function...... Various environmental name and function of the paint have everything that one expects to find, there is propaganda can decompose formaldehyde, publicity without adding the products of environmental protection, no detectable formaldehyde harmful substances, VOC. Each style of latex paint price span are also very big, from hundreds of yuan to 1000 yuan. In latex paint store a professional sales staff introduction, environmentally friendly products to reporters are mainly bamboo charcoal factor, net taste and total anti formaldehyde varnish. One of them without adding net taste paint than the same weight of ordinary net taste paint price is around three times higher.

A brand of anti formaldehyde odor five in one of the interior wall paint publicity materials call with decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene effect, also in the promotional materials to explain the source of formaldehyde mainly comes from the use of a variety of man-made board, floor adhesive. In some brand brochure will often see such annotation: VOC (20g/L) or VOC (self value is less than or equal to 20g/L), a reluctance to disclose the names of the industry told the reporter, plus a "self value" label that this is their own testing results, if consumers questioned, get professional testing agencies, even exceed the national standard, the business also has a story. There are also some products emphasize fresh taste, super scrub resistance and anti mildew and other functions, many consumers will think that this is also the embodiment of environmental protection.

A few components are not necessarily environmental protection

Facing the market of environmental protection wall paint, consumers blindly believe the product propaganda, one is to buy children's paint Ms. Zhang said, choose the wall paint is mainly to sales staff introduction, do not understand the content of them, compared with several children paint, taking into account the children into the security problem long, eventually intend to buy the most expensive full bamboo charcoal odor paint.

Some consumers think, as long as no pungent taste it is environmental protection product, in fact this is a big misunderstanding, latex paint products are added with perfume, perfume is not easy with nose smell, this does not mean that the product of environmental protection. In addition, the latex paint is a name added to latex paint, latex is the glue used for chemical, so itself contains formaldehyde. Secondly, the latex paint paint is better, more exquisite products, so the relatively high requirements for film products, but the latex paint film depends on VOC or latex content, both a little content, another will increase the amount of. So for a certain amount of harmful substances mainly promotional products, do not blindly believe that 100% of environmental protection.

Some of the products of the publicity focus on functionality described above, environmental protection actually paint products itself, whether it can decompose harmful substances? Decomposition efficiency reached? These are key problems in the interpretation of publicity.

How ordinary people for the additional value of brand.

According to the insiders, according to wall paint environmental standards "limit of harmful substances" interior decoration materials, paint of the wall inside, have clear provisions on limits for formaldehyde, wall paint volatile organic compounds and soluble cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals soluble. The index within the standard can be the products of environmental protection, but if the product is to raise prices to more of the additional function, which requires consumers keep their eyes open.

Xiaobian recommended

Facing the spread of latex paint a huge market, consumers how to choose? Xiaobian recommend, first of all to a rational understanding of latex paint this product, it itself is a kind of chemical material, not superstition latex paint does not contain formaldehyde, VOC. But, VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances contained in the paint, dry release through after the extremely small. In addition, the choice of product, should recognize the brand product brand value and added value, not the most expensive is the best, brand pricing is often divided according to their own products, consumer groups, select bear within their own prices can. Put the plants in the end wall paint construction, good ventilation is also conducive to reduce indoor air pollution. This is the most important, the most convenient method.