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The advantages and the attention of lacquer

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The production process of lacquer is simple, low cost, excellent performance, the more high-grade development prospects, such as environmental protection, high elasticity, non stick dust etc.

Apply to concrete or cement wall and brick wall, and asbestos cement board, plank, gypsum board, polyurethane foam board and other substrates. Construction of the bottom material surface should be flat, clean at the grass-roots level, and has good strength, new wall should work for a month, before construction, renovation of the old wall, first leveling base, removal of loose, peeling off the surface and dust, grease and other impurities before construction.

In order to meet the needs of the development of increasingly personalized high-grade architectural decoration industry, such as imitation marble, imitation granite paint more development, shows the importance of spraying process, construction technology is more perfect, more complete, can fully demonstrate the unique appearance and excellent performance of lacquer.

High-grade paint must complete and strict construction craft, paint while the quality is good, but if the construction personnel lack of experience, quality is low, the performance of different paint do not understand or understand not comprehensive enough, can also cause a variety of problems.

The hardness of coating

The coating of lacquer dried very hard, not to pull the nails, general stone if three days after construction in good weather conditions can still nails, should be regarded as the coating is too soft, main reason is the improper selection of emulsion.

In the preparation of lacquer, taken with the preparation of emulsion paint the same, which leads to the formulation of the emulsion paint is content is low, the film because there are a lot of sand makes the coating is not close enough. The coatings research institute: for bond strength of prepared emulsion paint shall not be lower than 3MPa, the minimum film forming temperature should not be lower than 15 ℃. The minimum film forming temperature may result in low temperature is not easy to film the disadvantages of high, can through the appropriate add coalescent to solve. Assistant of film forming can be completely volatile in the post drying of the coating, usually does not affect the performance of the coating. Lacquer is the choice of composite emulsion adhesive force is higher, the minimum film forming temperature is higher, which solves the problem of coating is fundamentally.

Coating of fine water resistance, stable color, not pale, no color

Some lacquer coating on every time it rains, will white, coating becomes loose, and in after the rain stopped, the sun drying, coating and restore the original color. In fact, this is because the water resistance of coating is not good, absorb moisture caused by reasons, formula is acrylic emulsion selected surfactants in synthesis, some manufacturers in order to increase the stability of the emulsion, greatly exceeding surfactant used in the preparation of stonelike; some manufacturers adding carboxymethyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose material as a thickening agent, and adding sodium benzoate as a preservative. These substances are soluble in water or hydrophilic, stay in the coating film, greatly reduces water resistance of coatings. Experiments show that, the pure acrylic emulsion with quartz sand mixed, without any additives, spray coating, and the water absorption rate is 0.42%; the addition of 0.4% hydroxyethyl cellulose based on these coatings, bibulous rate is up to 4.3%. Because of stonelike coating thickness, once absorbed moisture, not easily released in a relatively short period of time, thus causing the appearance of white, loose results within the coating. Assistant of film forming paint ESE selection: silicone modified acrylate emulsion (emulsion). Has a good water resistance after drying, therefore the phenomenon of coating with water after drying no white.

With the improvement of internal and external wall decorative coating requirements of natural stone, owing to its unique appearance and performance more loved by everyone, many high-grade residential courtyard, even many-storied buildings are finishing and natural granite, marble and other natural stones look very similar lacquer, require high hardness, waterproof, aging resistance in terms of performance. The following will be based on some experience we briefly introduce the natural stone paint prepared some experience and spraying process. Paint, ink, resin, adhesive, formulation, natural stone paint almost natural stone paint consists of polymer, natural color stone sand and related additives, dry cured as hard as stone, with imitation of natural stone like effect, strong adhesion, weather resistance, water resistance, and easy repair, and supporting the construction of anti alkaline a closed bottom oil, weather resistant waterproof protective surface oil.

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