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To buy paint techniques introduced

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Choose paint smart four step

Wise first step: understanding of latex paint

Latex paint is commonly known as "paint" or "wall paint", is a water soluble materials, direct brushing the wall in the room, to protect and beautify the wall effect, when necessary use paint primer and topcoat. Commercial latex products only through green certification ten ring are truly environmentally safe products.

The second step: the wise master paint functions

Commercial latex paint functions are divided into five series, from the full function of the full series, multi-functional five in series, enhanced functional super washable series, series of single function and economic benefit type series, regardless of foreign brands such as Nippon or Dulux, or domestic brands, all have the corresponding product sales.

The third step: find out the smart price latex paint

Latex paint prices vary according to the different functions of the full series, generally in 400 yuan /5 liters, five in a series of 320 yuan in the /5 liters, ultra washable Series in 250 yuan /5 liters, series of single function in 280/18 liters, economic series in 180 yuan /18 liters, consumption people can choose different prices according to their actual situation of family decoration.

The fourth step: smart quality survey of latex paint

Latex paint products must pass the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center detection qualified before the sale, especially VOC (volatile organic compounds) and free formaldehyde of two indicators, the lower the value, the more safety and environmental protection, quality and reliable products. Consumers can purchase requires businesses to produce quality detection report query.

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