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Note the latex paint to save

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Note the latex paint to save:

Latex paint is non-toxic harmless, soft and delicate, elegant color bright, soft and uniform, whether it is brushing or spraying can produce excellent decorative effect. In recent years by the Zhengzhou people, become Home Furnishing decoration often choose paint. Buy emulsioni paint may not be up for the first time, there will be residual, if improper preservation may dry metamorphism, cannot use, waste. In view of the fact that many consumers to save correctly latex paint does not understand very, so, the brand's compiled some preserved latex paint points should be paid attention to, for your reference, in order to avoid due to improper preservation of economic loss.

1, the construction area when temperature below 5 degrees Celsius, or the environment is too wet condition, not the construction.

2, can not remember the latex paint and other solvents, paint pigment mixture.

3, in the process of construction tools to wash or soak in emulsion paint, so as not to dry after use, effect. In addition to open the lid to seal, if not temporary can be topped with a layer of water, avoid lacquer crust.

4, interior wall emulsion paint and polyurethane paint must not be used at the same time, even does not work in the same space. So, if we want to use it, you can first use polyurethane paint, wait for dry thoroughly before using the inner wall latex paint.

5, the latex paint generally for a period of six months, to keep the temperature at 20 degrees celsius. If you have Kaifeng, must be stored in a cool and dry, avoid direct sunlight place, and the storage temperature should be kept below zero. Zhengzhou decoration company ranking several decoration company later to remind consumers, please try the products out of the warranty period, or saved in time is again good, also will affect the use effect, even will produce harmful substances, harm the health of the residents.