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Lacquer process deficiencies and improvement method

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Corner crack

Paint spraying process, sometimes cracks appeared in the corner of the Yin and Yang, yin and yang angle is two hand *, if painted with lacquer, in the drying process will have two different directions at the same time the film tension Yin and Yang in the corner, easy to crack. The solution: found in cracks of yin yang angle, with the gun again thin coating spray, every half hour, then spray again, until the cover crack; for the new spraying of yin yang angle, the spraying special attention is not a spraying thickness, take the thin spray multilayer method, namely the surface drying after spraying, spraying distance far, movement speed, and can not be vertical yin-yang angle of spray, can only take the scattering, namely, spraying two face, let the fog flower edge sweep into Yin Yang angle.

Crack plane

The main reason is probably because the weather suddenly turned cold, big temperature difference, the inner and outer layers of different drying speed, dry do not do and the formation of cracks, the solution is to use a small mouth spray gun spray, thin layers, try to control the drying rate of each layer, the spraying distance slightly far better.

Cracks appeared in the film-forming process

When spraying, coverage is not uniform or too thick, cracks appeared in the film coating on the surface, even after several weeks to crack, this kind of situation should be analyzed, in addition to construction attention spraying method, when necessary, to change the formula, re trial.

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