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Paint spraying technology

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Brick shaped stone

According to the design requirements of good brick size, and then in the bottom oil painted walls with wooden frame to brick mould shape, spray, paint is not dry in wooden frame can be taken before.

Vertical spraying

The circle method, distance 30cm-40cm, with a radius of about 15cm horizontal circle spraying, not when the upper and lower jitter spray gun, spray speed so fast and uniform, and easy to control, if using a row of main overlapping spray, speed is slow, difficult to control the junction on the uniform, will affect the appearance, cause a paint defect.

Rome cylindrical spray

Because it is cylindrical, so the use of "M" shape spraying distance slightly far, about 40cm, the spray gun to a vertical cylindrical spray, spray from top to bottom, side and then to the other side, the steering angle of about 60 degrees.

Square column spraying

Square column angular, very easy for spraying unevenness to edges and corners of fuzzy, in order to spray and convenient, with about 50cm distance spray angle, distance spray, spray the flowers open, large area, uniform, if the distance is too near, little attention will spray spray thick, uneven, angular lines appear not to come out., lost the original construction of the overall aesthetic appearance.

Small cylindrical bottle gourd painting

Modern architecture using cylindrical small gourd do decorative balustrades, most require spray lacquer, because of the little and dainty, decorative, the spraying process are also more careful. Do the gourd column decorative balustrades, too close, in some places simply can not front spraying, so according to conventional spray method is unable to achieve the ideal effect. Spraying the small nozzle, distance of about 40cm, spray paint, quickly spread from top to bottom side to side to spray, not positive spraying method for jitter, spray gun, spray it around to paint, then brush brush flat stone, no spray to place can also use the brush slightly wipe on a layer with gun powder; spray again, can not be too thin, not too thick, covered brush marks can be, thin can not play a good protection effect, thick, covered the original aesthetic lines, also possible adverse surface cracks.