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Beautiful case

2019-05-07 10:30:14
Common problems met in the construction process of lacquer coating
Some stone when spraying sand drop more, serious when can reach about 1/3, resulting in waste. In addition to the reasons of the construction method. Raw materials and formulations may also cause the
2019-05-07 10:29:55
Stone is mainly composed of polymer, natural color stone sand and related additives, dry cured as hard as stone, looks like a natural real stone. Lacquer with fire prevention, waterproof, acid and alk
2019-05-07 10:29:37
The advantages and the attention of lacquer
The production process of lacquer is simple, low cost, excellent performance, the more high-grade development prospects, such as environmental protection, high elasticity, non stick dust etc
2019-05-07 10:27:00
It is painted to teach you how to join the environmental protection latex paint to prevent paint to trap
Now the development of the industry of environmental protection latex paint good, in today's market demand, environmental protection latex paint every kind of on the market many varieties. Consumer market has caused environmental protection latex paint to join the trend, there are many dealers to join the shop and achieved good development. As to how to choose a good brand in the industry of environmental protection latex paint, become now many paint franchisee confused problem. Today is painted by Xiaobian introduce you: how to choose environmentally-friendly latex paint manufacturers?
2019-05-07 10:26:54
To investigate the latex paint environmental protection and
Recently, the reader Mr. Tang calls a phone to say, the thought of the market for the purchase of a new house decoration and the use of interior wall paint, who knows to the building materials market
2019-05-07 10:26:30
How to buy environmentally-friendly latex paint
In Home Furnishing decoration must know paint is good or bad relations between the occupants of the physical and mental health, to choose the national standard (GB) products, so to choose according to
2019-05-07 10:25:47
Classification and performance requirements of exterior wall coatings
Made of exterior wall coating by high elastic silicone acrylic emulsion, titanium white powder additives. In addition to high performance exterior wall coatings with high walls Rujiaoqi, continuity an
2019-05-07 10:25:16
Waterproof coating to buy small knowledge
Waterproof coating is at room temperature in viscous liquid polymer materials with no fixed shape by coating, collectively by evaporation or curing solvent or water after the formation of waterproof f
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