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Beautiful case

2019-05-07 10:25:47
Classification and performance requirements of exterior wall coatings
Made of exterior wall coating by high elastic silicone acrylic emulsion, titanium white powder additives. In addition to high performance exterior wall coatings with high walls Rujiaoqi, continuity an
2019-05-07 10:25:16
Waterproof coating to buy small knowledge
Waterproof coating is at room temperature in viscous liquid polymer materials with no fixed shape by coating, collectively by evaporation or curing solvent or water after the formation of waterproof f
2018-12-27 16:35:06
Coating frequency exposure quality event paint knowledge required course
Paint is a kind of liquid or powder state materials, it can be by coating construction technology specific in the object surface, dried and solidified to form solid surface, has a certain strength, a
2018-12-27 16:34:00
8 common problems of paint and emergency treatment measures
Common problems and measures for emergency treatment of 1, coating construction of vertical flow:In the vertical surface coating, coating the downward flow is, the convexity of the phenomenon, the co
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