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The wallpaper in addition to formaldehyde and gimmicky marketing

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TV wall, sofa wall, photo wall, painted walls and so on, for the owners and designers, metope is can play all home to imagine the place. Interior wall decoration materials from the traditional, all kinds of all kinds of materials in the design, a variety of colorful also tries to hide every inch of space.

Wallpaper formaldehyde removing eye opener, but such a large display area, the attendant is to test the safety of decorative materials. Decoration process now, usually referred to safety two words, the first reaction we usually "formaldehyde", Yu Shihu against all kinds of functional materials formaldehyde continue to emerge, "zero formaldehyde", "anti formaldehyde", "net aldehyde"...... Emerge in an endless stream. Reporter visited the market found "in addition to formaldehyde" wallpaper eye opener. Recently, a "in addition to formaldehyde" wallpaper news frequently exposed in the media, for such awesome products has been the industry focus, on the other hand, the emergence of new products can also cause many questions -- consumers said if really useful, it is a very good product, can consider; designers think as long as the wallpaper is impossible to remove formaldehyde, wallpaper itself is glue synthesis. Wallpaper really safe? A thin layer of paper to "formaldehyde"? With these questions, this reporter visited several special sale wallpaper business.

Some businessmen said they had not heard of the "formaldehyde" wallpaper, some businessmen said the seemingly heard but not their own store, eventually, in a wallpaper shop found "in addition to formaldehyde" wallpaper, the reporters to the identity of the customer into the store. From the appearance, this wallpaper with ordinary wallpaper identical, the so-called "formaldehyde" function from the wallpaper itself cannot identification. According to the store shopping guide introduces, this wallpaper with bamboo charcoal fiber can be used for adsorption of formaldehyde, she pointed to the book cover marking tells a reporter, this is a prefix in the certification unit, prove their wallpaper is through the qualified product inspection. In addition, guide and did not produce any can prove the wallpaper material function of removing formaldehyde.

Now, whether the "formaldehyde" wallpaper can remove formaldehyde, consumers also need a heart. Finally, Shengjie Kang to tell consumers to say one more word, improve safety awareness is Home Furnishing is good, but really no need to talk about "formaldehyde" color changes, the most important is the rational choice for various Home Furnishing building materials products, content of science and technology, the so-called do not blindly into the high-tech.