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"National Conference of electrochemical corrosion and test method" was held

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In our country every year due to corrosion caused by the loss or even natural disasters caused by the loss of more, corrosion has become a spaceship, cross sea bridge, west east gas pipeline, the deep-sea space station and many other fields and major project cannot evasive problem.

July 22 - 23 days, from our material corrosion and protection field more than 70 units of more than 200 experts, scholars and enterprise representatives of lightweight materials and surface technology of Harbin Engineering University, the Key Laboratory of Ministry of education, held a national conference on electrochemical corrosion and test method. The delegates around the "electrochemical corrosion in the development and application of new period" theme, exchanges and discussions on issues of China's technology R & D, corrosion and protection field demonstration and public service and other hot.

Chinese Secretary Institute of corrosion and protection of long University of Science and Technology Beijing professor Li Xiaogang said at the opening ceremony of the meeting: "every year in China because of the corrosion caused by the loss of up to two trillion yuan, the natural disasters caused by the loss of more, but it has also led to the formation of corrosion protection in China market will do six hundred billion." Harbin Engineering University vice president Xia Guihua speech at the opening ceremony said: "anti corrosion is an important strategy for the development direction of our school. We hope and all the experts, will be the development of corrosion and protection of the subject and growth, enhance international influence."

This meeting in the "marine environment corrosion and protection" "new anticorrosive coating technology" "oil and power industry corrosion detection technology" three theme plate are discussed. The experts also to the green corrosion inhibitor development, Xisha marine atmosphere corrosion, reinforced concrete corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, deep-sea environment corrosion, anticorrosion coatings, pipeline corrosion, corrosion, erosion corrosion of nuclear power, anti corrosion technology for magnesium alloys, electromagnetic environment corrosion protection of nearly 20 material corrosion hot issues in-depth exchanges.