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Dejiali Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd. has committed to the development, and production of coating products new-type wall materials since its establishment. It is an amalgamated corporation gathering scientific research, production and trade.

In accordance with the principle of “science and technology are priority and quality goes first” and based on high standard and requirements, we have modern production equipments and inspection instruments and formed thorough coating products ranging from top, middle and low-grade interior-and-exterior emulsion varnish, fluorocarbon paint, metallic paint, natural colored mineral varnish, granite coating, liquid wallpaper coating, textured coating, liquid gypsum paint, colored decorating mortar, oil paint, industrial anti-fire/water / corrosion coating, invisible colorful coating, luminous coating, terrace paint and some other special coating, interior-and-exterior putty, tile renovating putty, external wall insulation products. We have great variety of goods, perfect structural system and stable quality. Our products have passed the detection of national authoritative inspection center and the national mandatory standard of Limit of Harmful Substances of Indoor Decorating and Refurbishing Materials; we have obtained the ISO09001 Quality System approval; we have been awarded Environmental Label Product Authentication Certificate by China Environmental Labeling Committee after investigation and approval; we were also awarded the Green Environmental Protection Famous Brand by National Building Materials Bureau and we have 10 national patents.

We have a marketing service engineer group which can provide our customers with comprehensive services like pre-sale information consultation, construction and technical guidance and after-sales services. With the purpose of “providing our customers with well-content services”, we strive to become an expert in wall thermal insulation architectural coating.

We aim to become a brand-name enterprise in China’s coating and building energy efficiency industry.

Our service tenet is always to provide our customers with satisfying products and well-content services so as to contribute our due share to China’s coating and building energy efficiency industry.