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Beautiful case

2019-05-07 10:30:14
Common problems met in the construction process of lacquer coating
Some stone when spraying sand drop more, serious when can reach about 1/3, resulting in waste. In addition to the reasons of the construction method. Raw materials and formulations may also cause the
2019-05-07 10:29:55
Stone is mainly composed of polymer, natural color stone sand and related additives, dry cured as hard as stone, looks like a natural real stone. Lacquer with fire prevention, waterproof, acid and alk
2019-05-07 10:29:37
The advantages and the attention of lacquer
The production process of lacquer is simple, low cost, excellent performance, the more high-grade development prospects, such as environmental protection, high elasticity, non stick dust etc
2018-12-27 16:36:45
Paint spraying technology
The circle method, distance 30cm-40cm, with a radius of about 15cm horizontal circle spraying, not when the upper and lower jitter spray gun, spray speed so fast and uniform, and easy to control, if u
2018-12-27 16:36:26
Lacquer process deficiencies and improvement method
Paint spraying process, sometimes cracks appeared in the corner of the Yin and Yang, yin and yang angle is two hand *, if painted with lacquer, in the drying process will have two different directions
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