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Chairman’s Speech

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Dear staff,

Welcome to Dejiali. It is our privilege to cooperate with you. We will build our common business on the basis of mutual trust and understanding in the following days.

If you are good at learning from others’ experience and cooperating with others, you will make progress quickly. However, you will run counter to your desires if you close yourself and worry about burying your achievements. An enterprise with rapid development cannot make progress without high-quality employees. The company will carry out all kinds of education and training to help your self-enhancement and self-improvement. We call for self-learning and welcome you to be a member of a learning company. At the same time, we hope that you can cherish resources and be economical. We also hope that you are guided by the principle of self-discipline to become a gracious and respected person.

Maybe there are some unreasonable institutions in our institutions and management, we will amend them constantly to make them more reasonable and perfect. You must follow close to the existing principles before amendment.

As a general staff, you have to learn handling affairs; as a middle-and-high-level leader, you have to be a responsible person as well as learning handling affairs.

After stream of challenge, there emerges the true hero; compete with courage, there comes the winner. Facing with the wide development prospect of private enterprises, we believe that you will gain glorious future with Dejiali with you continuous learning and efforts. Let’s work hand in hand to achieve more success.