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Waterproof coating to buy small knowledge

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Waterproof coating is at room temperature in viscous liquid polymer materials with no fixed shape by coating, collectively by evaporation or curing solvent or water after the formation of waterproof film is tough at the grassroots level on the surface of the material.

In fact, waterproof coating is not as simple as you can imagine, can be divided into many types, nature also have different functions, some bad businesses in order to obtain profits, often shoddy. So here today I must introduce waterproof paint to buy skills, or let you know about the waterproof coating is you do not know the secret.

Water is very important for environmental protection is more important

Waterproof coating is used for waterproof, but we also pay attention to environmental protection! If you choose not to environmental protection products, although the waterproof layer is done, you can't see us, but in fact in the thick brick or cement below, the harmful gas in the slowly release, your home air quality okay? This is also the reason that many consumers confused, why the house advocate choose environmental protection material, and one of the reasons is still exceed the standard of harmful gas.

So, if you want to buy a waterproof material, it must be to the regular building materials stores or supermarkets, choose well-known brands, ten ring logo generally good brand products are equipped with product test reports, product certification and China environmental certification mark or logo CTC, these are good product status symbol, so you must look carefully. The body is not rigid waterproof in place

In fact, I said stiff refers to our characteristics, generally speaking, physical characteristics of our divided into rigid and flexible two, rigid generally refers to the cement mortar, although this kind of forming with high compressive penetration ability, but the extension of this kind of product is not good, a little earthquake, ground faults or small slit, it is easy to cause Water Leakage, thus losing the waterproof effect.

The flexible waterproof layer is relatively better, in general, acrylic waterproof coating has good plasticity, can adapt to the deformation of the structure, so the water is better. According to the study, in fact, after the new house decoration good, due to structural problems in engineering structures or building materials itself, the ground or wall will have subtle changes, these changes are usually extremely small is not to affect the normal use of the housing, but will be challenging for the waterproof layer, so if you choose the waterproof coating, or the best choice we body not stiff.

Waterproof must know where to

Then the home which blocks we need to make the mare go? Wall ground, the kitchen is simply the toilet metope ground, need to set the balcony ground water system. If you live in a layer of a layer of waterproof, do so, moisture-proof effect will be better.

Shower and toilet spray general installation height of 1.8 meters, so the water will follow do so high, it is difficult to play a waterproof effect, rather than install shower walls just do 1.5 meters is enough, of course, if you don't care about one hundred or two hundred pieces of money, then put the waterproof also be 1.8 meters.

The kitchen waterproof should be how to do? The key to see what place easily and water relations, generally suggest the kitchen on the ground and wall over 0.3 meters waterproof, in the vegetable washing basin placement of the wall over 1.5 meters waterproof layer best.

The performance is not as each have their own good

According to our family characteristics, can be divided into four kinds of waterproof materials, acrylic acid, polyurethane, polymer class also referred to as JS, flexible cement mortar four, but each character, such as polyurethane waterproof coatings, has good flexibility and extensibility, if the single from the formation of waterproof membrane effect of various coatings, is the comprehensive performance of the most prominent, but it also has its own shortcomings, it is limited by time is large, long construction time, and the price is expensive.

Notable is, because the product performance is good, the market has a lot of a polyurethane signs of counterfeit products, most of them are not pure polyurethane, environmental performance is not very good, but the price is falling down, so we must pay attention to the choice of waterproof coating; acrylic acid, convenient construction, environmental protection, coating performance is good, moderate price, the general Jiezhuang will choose this kind of waterproof coatings; and JS is a Cliffide Flower waterproof coating, construction is convenient, non-toxic environmental protection, is currently the home improvement waterproof use everyone is recognized and recommended varieties; waterproof mortar coating, high strength waterproof membrane, and at the same time base the combination of good, after construction can be directly paste ceramic tile, save construction time, but the price is relatively more economical and practical, but its drawback is related to the rigid waterproof material, not suitable for possible settlement house decoration.

Materials with much math.

Have a headache have many consumers in the purchase of us, in the end how much to buy? In fact, we have a certain formula, if you understand the rules, absolutely let you buy just right. According to the previous construction height of introducing you to the bathroom, bathroom waterproof area (sq m) = (perimeter ground toilet door width) x 1.8 m (high) + (floor area), of course, this refers to the waterproof surface walls are made of the height of 1.8 meters, if you still want to do 1.5 meters the height, we can change; kitchen water area (M2) = (the kitchen ground perimeter door width) x 0.3 m (high) + (floor area) + the pool that wash dish that wall wide x 1.5 meters.

Although know the area, but generally buy waterproof coating are calculated according to weight, then how to convert? Don't worry, this also has the formula, acrylic, per square meter was 3 kg per square metre; polyurethane amount of about 2 kg; polymer molecules per square meter the amount of about 3 kg; flexible cement mortar used about 3 kilograms per square meter.