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Small and medium-sized enterprises "profit" in where

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With the continuous development of the coating industry, market competition. Some of the brand's market share in the increase, but why some other brand sales have not? Face rising raw material, consumers are increasingly critical pressure, small and medium-sized dealers in the end decide on what path to follow, what is the road of the development of small and medium-sized dealers? At present, small and medium-sized dealers profit point specific in what place.

Profit point: retail stores

Many small and medium-sized dealers in the business of one or two stores. Since it is a shop, of course there will be some new customers without any business relationship with the door. Of course, the door of the business is limited, to accumulate and takes time, the longer the shop business more often than those from near shop business.

Retail business accounted for only a small part of the whole sales. Small and medium-sized dealers to expand the business, must be "tradesmen" into a "business", only to take the initiative to do strong, channel.

Profit point two: the area promotion

With some well-known brand guide, dealers began in some of the new open market and the area promotion. Distributors usually practice is to recruit one or two clerk to run inside the cell, so the promotion, the cost is very high, the clerk salary plus commission accounted for about 15% of the gross profit. Remove some of the sales cost and the cost of advertising, basically is greater than the risk of earnings. Even if the hiring of one or two business ability of the salesman, how to retain talent, are small and medium-sized dealers headache.

Profit point three: Jiezhuang companies

At present, there are many dealers deliberately to explore Jiezhuang companies channel. In fact, home improvement company channel is a chicken ribs, tasteless, hesitate to discard sth..

Jiezhuang companies choose paint products require very low prices, which led to the channel may be only 20% of gross profit. And domestic outfit company usually need a mortgage or monthly and rebate money problems, plus some small Jiezhuang companies hit a shot for a place, one the biggest problem.

So the majority of small and medium-sized dealers for this channel such as a hot potato in general.

Point four: profit distribution channels

Many brands are to strengthen the construction of the distribution channel. The financial strength of small and medium-sized dealers, this is really a small input output speed development road.

However, due to the company to develop a large number of distribution customers in a short period of time, the follow-up is not what good method to help the county level distribution retail customers products, so the customer loyalty began to slowly weaken.

For small and medium-sized dealers, go the same way might be to sales is helpful, however this kind of help is temporary.

Profit point five: Project Channel

Almost all of the small and medium-sized dealers are looking at the eyes of project channel, be afraid. The project can bring up a batch of rich boss, but can also drag down a company.

Because of the small and medium-sized dealers do not have the financial strength, also does not have the good social relationships, the more important is to do not have experience in engineering, and the engineering involves accounts receivable, bidding, qualification, and on-site supervision, the whole process that many dealers are daunting.