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Water-based paint of the wall inside the market is gradually rise

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Along with the people to pay more attention to indoor air quality, and functional inorganic coating can effectively decompose formaldehyde and generates negative ions more high-end consumers, inorganic coating market is gradually expanding, industry standards and competition order also needs standardization.

In recent years, about the chemical organic coatings harmful substances exceed the standard, large area off moldy reports constantly appear in newspapers, people are skeptical of traditional coating products began to. Undeniable, organic chemical paint of the wall inside the physical and chemical properties in there is easy to crack, easy pollution, easy to damp moldy, so, the inorganic coating silica and functional material emerge as the times require, inorganic coating brand more and more is also cut a striking figure. In American, Germany and other European countries, more than 93% families are using inorganic coating, and the current domestic inorganic paint accounted for less than 5% of wall decoration materials market share.

It is understood, the market supply of interior wall coating products in general life of only 5 to 8 years. And since 2009, inner wall coating product diversification, inorganic coating products and market share gradually increase. According to introduction, inorganic coating is the introduction of German technology, with high adsorption of natural inorganic silicon as the main material, with the effective decomposition of formaldehyde, mediation and air humidity, absorb noise and other functions, and various patterns, delicate texture, strong sense of art, is currently on the market liquid wallpaper, diatom mud and other new wall materials can not be replaced.

On the other hand, with the increasing consumer acceptance and inorganic coatings market demand growth, the industry began to appear false propaganda, disorderly competition state. The paint products on the market mostly belongs to chemical products, as the main material and adding materials have chemical properties, can not be completely free of harmful substances, can control the harmful substances contained within a certain standard, as long as the use is on the rise of indoor pollution. Inorganic coatings enterprises only active independent research and development, and constantly develop the use of new environmental materials, increasing the formaldehyde decomposition ability, is the inorganic paint products to win the trust of the fundamental way to consumers, and expand the market.

Experts believe that, according to the existing technology, it is difficult to make formaldehyde decomposition rate of more than 95%, industry of memory in the phenomenon of false propaganda, consumers should choose to keep their eyes open.