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How to realize the sustainable and stable development of coatings enterprises

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According to media reports, Tencent insiders Micro message number of users has exceeded 600000000! Micro message overseas business might be independent development. I "Micro message at the beginning of the year, silent evolution" 300000000 users after a paper predicted Micro message at the end of this year the number of users will exceed 500000000 (not including overseas). And now Micro message domestic users has reached about 450000000, breaking 500000000 without any problem (its overseas users should be in 160000000 the left and right sides).

The survey said so much, now turn to the subject. On the network to see much of the recent marketing agency in marketing Micro message, referred to Micro message is a kind of low cost, quick effect, dissemination of marketing mode, is a small investment returns marketing channels. It started with sina micro-blog when almost the same, if you don't do Micro message no marketing touch people.

Micro message marketing now indeed has many successful cases, such as Durex, Starbucks, logical thinking, Shi Fei Ke etc.. Of course, these case model is not every enterprise can imitate, then have a look of our business, "the camel shoes" muscle "ripples" "Korean clothing of all agency", Micro message this soil is very suitable for business, this is to cater to the development of mobile internet. User logged in PC Internet Taobao, buy products, and then pays close attention to Micro message, Micro message regularly to promote new products, the user through the Micro message place an order to buy two times. A closed loop that, it is a very consistent with ROI, and can make accurate KPI marketing mode, so that it can run very smooth.

So, have a look of the traditional industries, paint, coatings industry is mainly through the dealer or project channel sales, business channel current ratio can be ignored, but Micro message this tool is very suitable for fast consumer goods, but to paint the decoration products are unable to complete the two sales tasks, so it go business model is very difficult.

While some marketing agency even recommended drift bottle, shake a shake, signature and other tools, if it is to cooperate with Micro message, through the background that is passable, but if it is through the line of men to do, rather than allowing them to send leaflets, because such efficiency is too low. For a face of the enterprise, this way is too inefficient.

Many people will take Micro message as an extension of information tools, from time to time, push a business news or story. But unlike micro-blog Micro message, its information communication effect is very low, the forwarding cost is very high, it is difficult to like Sina micro-blog by forwarding micro-blog reds and reach 1 million users coverage. And very large in the promotion of the above characteristics of coatings industry is, "low attention". Who's going to see you design a paint bucket, a paint company in what activities? Consumers will complete the entire process from understanding to buy in need of renovation of 1~3 months, and then the next purchase may have 6, 7 years later. This is a great push information would cause problems, it needs to push what information to them?

Micro message father Zhang Xiaolong said, "how do you use Micro message, determines the Micro message for you, what is it in the end," the paint industry need how to locate Micro message?

1, information access tool

Marketing people always thought is, to the right user push the right content. Now let us to think again, let the right user access to the right content.

Custom recovery is a very interesting features Micro message, like now enterprise QQ customer custom recovery. The user specified keyword by reply, and obtain the specified content, it becomes a mobile service enterprises. The user then visited when building materials market, can get the paint brand stores through Micro message address, telephone, activities, products and other information. This is our leaflets, outdoor advertising can carry more content. So users do not need to login, view data, it can be very simple by sending several keyword to get information, shorten the time of the user access to information, allowing users to more in-depth understanding of the enterprise information.

2, social CRM

CRM system many paint companies want to do, but because we the traditional mode, customer data are in the hands of dealers. The composition of users, etc, are basically rely on the experience gained, and lack of data support. But when Micro message, this situation will change. Micro message after the user attention, become Micro message member, through the CRM plugin (need to find technology company specialized production) to the concern of every user, classification labels. To form a dynamic social CRM, changing moment we can view the users, and maintain the user. Investigation of customer research, user structure by using the dynamic CRM we can complete the previously unattainable.

3, fast and efficient customer service

Micro message seems inherently implies taking customer service customer service problems of gene, paint industry has long been criticized for being, the user to the dealer complaints without fruit, possibly through the micro-blog, forum, and even the media complaints. This is a very big harm to the brand a. And Micro message on a port, convenient text, pictures, video transmission function, it is a mobile phone on the QQ service. The user through the Micro message send text description, pictures, video products to Micro message coatings enterprises, and then by the manufacturer's customer service department to solve, is removed from the user request, then the master site inspection, and report the cumbersome process, a Micro message can be completed. The user experience is good, the brand reputation.

Micro message there are a lot of possibilities, say first so much. For Micro message to the user the push content I didn't have much to say, because the content of marketing, said too much. And like paint these traditional, low attention of enterprises, not recommended to push content, marketing is not just pushed to the user information.