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The development status of powder coatings

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Powder coating as a solvent free, no volatile solvent in the coating process, suitable for the requirements of environmental protection: eruption powder Recyclable reuse in the painting process, to save resources; powder coating is easy to implement automation production; a coating thickness of coating, can reduce the spraying times, improve labor productivity; do not use organic solvent, more safety in production and construction. Powder coating accords with the international popular "four E" (economic, environmental protection, high efficiency, excellent performance) principle.

The structure of powder coatings

North America due to the implementation of the total VOC emissions limits, and formulate the specific solvent (such as xylene, toluene, methyl isobutyl ketone, Jia Yitong) to stop the use of cuts, powder coating and waterborne coatings and other environmentally friendly coatings developed rapidly. In 1999 the powder coating growth rate as high as 12.8%. Outdoor using polyurethane and poly enzyme /''IGIC two types of powder coatings; indoor using epoxy / polyester hybrid powder coating; epoxy coating is mainly used for oil pipelines anticorrosive applications. Powder coatings in automotive industry is mainly used for painting, as a topcoat is still in the research.

Europe as the birthplace of powder coatings, powder coating amount accounting for about 46%O of the world European emissions on VOC are very strict, in the automobile field because of restrictions on the consumption of organic solvent, is vigorously promoting the waterborne and powder not. With North America, in Europe the epoxy powder coating is mainly used for heavy duty field. Epoxy / polyester powder coating is mainly used for oil. Reasonable price, widely used in various fields. Polyurethane powder paint will release sealants, produce peculiar smell, in addition to Italy, other European countries are almost not used. Poly enzyme /''IUC powder coating has excellent weather resistance, mainly used for aluminum building materials (building outer wall). But the existence of''IUC mutagenesis, from June 1, 1998 onwards are marked with "T" mark, some countries (such as Germany) have stopped using. For this reason, IGIC has been less toxic substances alternative, there are mainly two kinds of system: with alkyl amide is used as curing agent for powder coatings and the multifunctional glycidyl enzyme as curing agent for powder coatings.

Powder coatings market in Japan by the impact of the economic downturn, dropping nearly 10% in 1998, 1999 and the same in 1997, a 6% rise in 2000. Resin manufacturers continue to develop new varieties of resin, technical level of a leading position. Epoxy powder coating is mainly used for heavy duty field; indoor using epoxy / polyester powder coating; weather resistant varieties mainly adopts polyurethane powder coating; acrylic powder coating is not because of its excellent appearance, weather resistance, low temperature curing and stain resistance, has been used for automobile coating. Polyester /IGIC type powder coatings in addition to induce, disease, also cause the allergy, in Japan by the restriction of the use of, the future development of space is very small. At present, some companies developed without poly enzyme powder coatings TTGICS. With the economic recovery, and improve the environmental laws and regulations, according to the European and American market speculation, the next few years, powder coatings market in Japan should be 2~3 times now.

Due to the rapid growth of the market opening and economic, China powder coating industry has been rapid development, in 1995 in Taiwan province and the European and American manufacturers began to actively in the mainland to invest in the construction of Chinese powder without coating and its raw material manufacturing plant, the domestic paint industry gradually increased from solvent based Coatings powder coating to no transformation of consciousness, communication wide within the industry, brings the opportunity for powder coating the better. In 2000 China's powder coating production is about 96000 T, after USA and Germany, ranking third in the world, the growth rate of the market has remained at two digits in recent years. The varieties of products with epoxy / polyester powder coating accounted for the vast majority, epoxy, polyester powder accounted for the vast majority of. Less polyurethane powder coatings.