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In small and medium-sized development dilemma road in He Fang?

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With the deepening of reform and opening-up, the overall economic development presents the downward trend, increasingly fierce market competition environment, more and more mature industry, many industry has formed oligopoly competition model. While the coating industry in China through the high-speed development period, growth over the past two years Bu Fayuan had no past speed, small and medium-sized enterprises facing the living environment is getting more and more serious, the national real estate macro-control, demand is limited, many small and medium-sized enterprises and even every day in the "line of life and death struggle". According to the authority of the State Department statistics, the average life expectancy of the medium and small enterprises in China is only 2.5 years, almost every day a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises were forced to shut down. How to survive, small and medium-sized enterprises bigger and stronger, is also facing the hitherto unknown challenge.

Factors restricting the development of SMEs

1, the macro policy

Although the history of reform and opening up opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity hitherto unknown, but many of our current administrative system to a certain extent, restricted the development of SMEs, such as facing the financing difficulties of SMEs, the tax burden is too heavy!

2, hard to recruit, hard to keep people, retain talent more difficult

People, especially the talent is the business bigger, stronger root! Because of small and medium-sized enterprises of small scale, management is relatively extensive, brand force is weak, the salary system compared to large enterprises compared with the details of the gap, so enterprises recruit people, keep people more difficult, from the marketing point of view, it is difficult to establish a stable, "Westernized" marketing team.

3, resources are limited, "having a heart but no strength"

Limited resources are key factors restricting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to survive, bigger, stronger!

4, marketing strategy, tactics of Fuzzy Fatigue

Marketing is one of the most important factors in enterprise development, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises especially! Because of the small and medium-sized enterprise resources are limited, the material loss, compared with large enterprises, marketing strategy and tactics is very important to the small and medium-sized enterprise become! If the big enterprise to a camel case, small feed enterprises is a rabbit. The camel can do not eat or drink for a long time, the rabbit is to daily for running food does not stop! In fact many small feed enterprises have not really mature in full consideration of clear and feasible strategies and tactics of the enterprise existing resources conditions to develop.

Correct ideas to develop marketing strategies of small and medium-sized feed enterprises

Before the marketing strategy choice of small and medium material enterprises, must make a judgment and accurate understanding of the existing marketing environment from the concept, only the correct concept, our thinking starting point to correct thinking, correct starting point to make the correct marketing strategy!

Orthodox marketing concept: marketing is to meet the needs of customers, creating value for customers! Wrong right? Yes! The crux of the problem lies in the face with a demand of consumers how much "supplier" is make every attempt to please, to cater to the consumer? Such as consumer demand for water, you can think of big brands will not less than 5 (Wahaha, Nongfu spring, Kangshifu, unity, yue... ...), if you are a small and medium-sized enterprise do water you will feel? Some people say, I can create a new category to achieve product segmentation to differentiate! Yes, this strategy is in a very long period of time to help many companies achieve rapid growth and even become the subdivision category the leader, but today's market environment to provide such opportunities also? For example, tea beverage industry has been subdivided into Green Tea, Black Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Oolong Tea and so on, the market segmentation category already Ling Lang everywhere! How many no category opportunity subdivision for you? China of small and medium-sized enterprises, including many large companies harder, troubled, precisely because everyone in the surplus economy, marketing still use the consumer oriented mode of thinking, without taking into account the competitors.

In today's fierce market competition environment, marketing is a kind of war, in order to win, you must face the competition in the process, through the victory of strategic and tactical flexibility! In this war, we want to occupy position is the brains of consumers! Consumers brain memory is limited position already, "filled" various types of enemies, our only choice is to conquer one or more competitors, so as to obtain a space for one person "". Making small feed enterprises must always use competition idea of any marketing strategy and tactics.