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Coatings enterprises in order to break through a tight encirclement

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Competition is the theme of this era, paint enterprises how to win in the competition? What is the fundamental factor affecting competition? These have become coatings enterprises need to face in the long-term development problem.

With speed to seize the initiative

Sometimes the competition not to see whose solutions are better, look who's thinking more comprehensive, see who's better methods, but speed, see who moves faster, who perform better, this is the way to win. When there is no opportunity to wait for an opportunity, once the opportunity is mature, rapid action is needed, not to the opponent to fight back. There is a velocity, mean don't wait to think very perfect, when the chance of fully mature thing to do, but must do immediately, in the process of doing to correct, to seize the opportunity, only to seize the opportunities to seize the initiative.

Strengthen the advantage is more important

In the competition, to be stronger than rivals, in order to obtain comparative advantage. If their advantage is the opponent disadvantage, that is the best situation. To strengthen their own advantages, strengthen their advantage is more important than to change their disadvantage. To know how to make full use of its advantages to gain the initiative in the competition.

Expand the space for development with innovation.

Comparative advantage is a kind of difference, relative difference, but the difference is the absolute difference, also called a completely innovative. Focus on innovation, strengthen differentiated, and expand their living space. In Potter's theory of competition, low cost, focus strategy can be summed up to a point, that is the difference, and the difference is innovation.

Seize the opportunity to grasp the initiative

Competition is a process, and competitors, often can not be all of a sudden his opponent, but to a fight. In this process, grasp the initiative is very important, and sometimes can be the weak and strong attack, change the whole situation. Want to know, in the enterprise competition, any change is the opportunity, to actively seize the initiative, strive for a favorable situation for themselves.