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Whether anti formaldehyde coating can actually

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No doubt, in the housing interior decoration nowadays, formaldehyde as the number one killer, decoration pollution, therefore, the market many kinds of formaldehyde removing paint also emerge as the times require.

Anti formaldehyde coating is the use of nano photocatalytic degradation of formaldehyde. The film coating on the specific activity and nanometer optical catalyst to produce oxygen reduction reaction in natural light, the sun light or ordinary light, sustained release of a large number of negative oxygen ion, the effective degradation of indoor formaldehyde. But anti formaldehyde coating has specific requirements for indoor VOC content.


Whether anti formaldehyde coating can actually


In the face of "anti formaldehyde coating" for frozen food, there have been media reporters in-depth market visits, found that many coating products packaging are printed with "anti formaldehyde", and as the main product sales, also have the product publicity on the purification efficiency of formaldehyde that paint or formaldehyde purification efficiency of persistent proved professional testing organizations. In the vicinity of Tanggu Hebei Road sales store, sales staff recommended a "anti formaldehyde" paint to the media, said the product is "the new high-grade products with odor technology" and "decomposition of formaldehyde" technology perfect, can not only greatly reduce residual odor products, to taste the real net, but also can effectively reduce the formaldehyde content in indoor air. And on the other a paint shop declare that the product contains natural bamboo charcoal, harmful gas such as formaldehyde can be a strong adsorption, make indoor air fresh. The reporters found that, compared with ordinary paint, this claim to effective governance renovation process in the floor, furniture release formaldehyde, VOC, benzene and other toxic volatile substances "anti formaldehyde coating" price must be at least 30% or even higher. However, the "high" prices have not deterred consumers, facing the complex "anti formaldehyde" paint products, the majority of consumers to the "anti formaldehyde" the actual effect is not know.

Although many paint brands are pushing the "anti formaldehyde" products, but not all products are truly "anti formaldehyde" effect. Aiming at the complex coating market complex, consumers should pay attention to what the problem?

In the purchase of paint when, how to identify whether the coating of green environmental protection against formaldehyde? First of all, to choose a brand products at the time of purchase, and ask for product inspection report to the brand business. According to Li Jing introduced, secondly, to examine the quality of products qualified testing report, especially the content of VOC quality inspection report. The national standard VOC limit per liter of not more than 200g, better coating per liter 100g the following, environmental protection coating is close to 0.

If the brand's permission, you can open the paint bucket personally detection. If the product appear serious statified phenomenon, show quality is poorer; stir gently with a stick, after raising, coating in the rod retention period is longer, enclothe even, explain quality is better.