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Coatings enterprises: how to become bigger and stronger

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In the dual influence of external demand continues to shrink, the domestic economic growth continued to fall, some of the current industry in our country has serious overcapacity, especially in some economies of scale industry, high capacity, high inventory, high cost, low demand, low price, low efficiency problem is very prominent. In the case of excess production capacity the paint industry is also more serious.

In the total amount of the single, not so fast progress, must think of a way to an increase in the market. The first color space transformation will bring the increment. Second, if want to market changes color in increments, for other additive requirements are high, we find the value-added space. Color colors including pigments have a large number of consumption, will lead the upper reaches of the chain to expand, and paint than white paint expensive. Third, the environmental protection demands increase, this part of the market is very broad. The coatings market first is the amount of growth, then the quality growth, finally lead the entire industry profit growth. This is one of the Chinese path from a big country into power.

Second, the big to strong, from the micro data, including product quality, value added, such as cash flow. Factories, suppliers should not make price war, the price should be selling more expensive pigments to manufacturers, manufacturers to produce better products to consumers, the price through the internal management, improve the Chinese output. With the efforts of the control, must be strong.

Back to the macro view, whether from their own feelings, or see the data, Chinese from country to country, first is the product performance and quality to accelerate to low to suppliers, products of foreign business. The localization of the pace, but also Chinese from country to country mark is. Second in the localization of the pace, close to the technology, even standing in the technology on the basis of a higher jump, don't be afraid to be copied. We must bring forth the new through the old, further development.

Our country from the paint to road of the powerful nation also requires a process, in this process need all the paint industry to work together, work together to create.