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Equipment R & D coating production in China is the lack of innovative thinking

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What is the practical significance of China's coating industry fusion of informatization and industrialization road? For the paint industry has what great changes? Paint companies which encountered difficulties in promoting the "two integration" process?

At present China's paint industry industrialization, informatization is still in the relatively backward stage, and the informationization and industrialization depth fusion still try to grope stage. First of all, from the production equipment, R & D coating production equipment in China are the lack of equipment manufacturers, most of the lack of innovative thinking, the need to limit production of traditional equipment, it is now causing coatings industry also requires a lot of labor conditions. Secondly, from the automation, information technology, due to the lack of equipment whole set as support, now the automation according to some specific aspects of coating production is.

According to understand, China's economy maintained fast growth at the same time, is also undergoing a shift to intensive transition. The rapid development of economy means a great opportunity for the development of coating. But at the same time, it is also a challenge to the coatings industry: the paint manufacturers have nearly a thousand, but 90% of them are small scale enterprises. These small enterprises are mostly dominated by artificial paint. This not only requires a large amount of labor force, and the quality of the finished products lack of stability.

So to further accelerate the fusion of informatization and industrialization, in a small series of opinion, also need from these three aspects. On the one hand, should accelerate the upgrading of existing equipment for coating industry technology, research and development of coating industry equipment update, to strengthen the information management industry production process; on the one hand, need information to guide, the coating production equipment, production technology to upgrade public opinion guidance to industry association, promote energy-saving emission reduction, reduce the labor intensity, improve the quality of the products. On the other hand, requires all aspects of financial support, to ease the old technological transformation, update and informationization, automation of production equipment modification, huge economic pressure brought to the enterprise, make more and more enterprises feel at ease to the "integration of the two".