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China coatings industry development in 2014 1-5 month

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1-5 months of 2014 China's fixed assets investment amount and total retail sales of social consumer goods compared with the same period last year, are growth but exports decreased slightly. "Three carriages" power structure does not have too big change, China economic growth at present mainly rely on fixed investment, industrial producers ex factory price index (PPI) growth compared with the same period last year.

The first half of 2013, Chinese different caliber paint industry total output 5983600 tons, grow 7.4% compared to the same period last year. In 2014 1-5 month, China different caliber paint industry total output 6130300 tons, grow 8.9% compared to the same period last year.

In 2013 7, 11 and December, the paint industry production is down, the other months year-on-year growth yield. In 2014 3-5 month paint industry output rose to GDP growth.

The impact of environmental policies on the development of coatings industry

Research on the countermeasure of prevention and control of industrial pollution source emission of VOC 1 coating

VOCs plays a key role in the process of the composite type of atmospheric pollution, "air ten" the surface coating as a key field of VOCs integrated renovation, industrial coating VOCs control management in China is relatively weak, the management need technical support, the implementation of effective control, based on the above reasons, the environmental planning Institute of the Ministry of environmental protection as the lead unit, established the emission of VOC industrial coating pollution characteristics and Countermeasures of project, responsible for the overall design, system design, emission inventory control standard system and the long-term control of roadmapping.

Coatings industry association is mainly responsible for the emission and control survey, the content of VOCs coating products limit value standard, participation and control roadmap screening available control technology development.

The project relates to automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, container manufacturing seven key coating industry, key industry paint consumption accounts for about industrial coating consume about 50% of the total.

VOC 2 intends to levy consumption tax and fees

In accordance with the solvent based coatings on VOC content, to encourage the development of high solid coatings and waterborne coatings, in accordance with the VOC content in solvent coatings for different tax rates, the initial 420g/l is ≥ 4% tax rate

The industrial VOC discharge into the sewage charges, charges will include coating raw materials production enterprises, paint manufacturing enterprises, enterprises in accordance with VOC coating, different harmfulness, countries formulate charging standard is 8 yuan /kgVOC (other), 16 yuan /kgVOC (benzene), 32 yuan / kgVOC (benzene), average 10 yuan /kgVOC. Beijing average 20 yuan /kgVOC.

The development of coatings industry in 2014 three, predict

In 2014, environmental pressure increases, the consumption tax levy VOC and VOC emissions fee has been put on the government departments schedule, coating for bulk raw material prices decline, civil coating of good operating conditions in industrial coating, civil coatings and industrial coatings profits converge; financial cost and cost of sales year-on-year growth, profit growth still reached 26% in 2014, the state in order to guarantee the GDP growth reached 7.5, maintain or the possibility of a larger economic development.

The above reasons, in 2014 is expected to paint industrial output rose 10, output growth of 15%.