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Discussion on the development of architectural coatings difficulties

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Building materials market found that the paint market marketing channels up to 10, but almost all exist some loopholes, there are certain risks. The celebrity endorsement has brought considerable benefits to the coatings industry, and numerous paint enterprises strive to be the first to speak. However, this is the enterprise to build brand cognitive misunderstanding, can enhance brand effect, here we should play a big question mark.

Many enterprises think, image and product star brand image is equal, as long as the choice of star endorsement, the brand image of the enterprise will be improved, and the brand image promotion can also further promote the sales of products.

However, the concept is the enterprise to the biggest mistake brand cognitive, enterprises wishful thinking that celebrity endorsement can really bring hot star effect for the brand, in fact, celebrities and brand image and product sales and no causal relationship.

Although the star endorsement caused controversy, but stars appear in the coating product side is very aspect, it is hard to say "star endorsement is synonymous with curry favour by claptrap", after all, good product also need appropriate publicity, star endorsement for product sales and promotion be icing on the cake is the right way.

Of course, paint enterprises in the selection of celebrity endorsements should also speak their own stand straight, not the enterprise choose stars to improve product prices accordingly, enterprise brand star endorsement should not override the product price, star endorsement promotion and build your brand, please don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

The paint market marketing channels up to 10, but almost all have some flaws, there is a certain risk, along with the gradual development of the market and the changing situation, channel innovation to become the primary problem to be solved.

Data shows, the annual output has China coatings from 10 years ago 1810000 tons, increased to about 9000000 tons, the annual growth rate increased year by year, become the first big country of production of be worthy of the name of the coating. High speed growth so fast, coating enterprises are facing a development bottleneck, is more channels, but to let a person worry "".

Including building materials supermarkets, retail stores, decoration companies, network group purchase, construction channel, the paint market marketing channels up to 10, the number of coatings, but the enterprise's control is not easy. "General manager of Guangdong a group limited company marketing department Guo in the Forum on the large inverted grievances.

For example, the building materials supermarket as an example, in this channel requires a large amount of fees, promotional fees, advertising fees, so must put prices up, this to the competitiveness of enterprises in terms of price is not, the business will certainly be affected. Therefore, innovative marketing model has become the paint industry crunch time event.

As the property market impact of new building materials industry, Home Furnishing dragged down, enterprise performance is also slower growth. Affected by the market 'frozen' influence, paint company performance growth expectations may be cut from 70% to 40%-50%.

The latest statistics from related departments of the data show, China building materials industry in January June sales output value of 1569959000000 yuan, an increase of 32.52%; export value of 76958000000 yuan, an increase of 22.07%; production and marketing rate of 97.05%, an increase of 0.37%. From the above data, the building materials industry Chinese still maintained a high growth, but considering the lag effect has statistical data since 2011, the real estate macro-control policies introduced gradually, the industry is still worried about the prospect of the industry.

At present, more and more people come into contact with the network, the network has a series of advantages, many enterprises have also entered the field of the Internet, network investment agency has received more and more enterprises and agents of the good, has gradually become the mainstream mode of investment promotion agency.

Coating network investment in particular preference network platform, this estimation and coatings industry investment agency of relative stability than non not open. Since the major paint website to develop coating agency column, has been the subject of paint companies and agents favor, center of gravity for coatings enterprises considerable where businesses are buying paint agency transfer to the network, the network platform abnormal lively.

The appearance of this trend, advantages and network platform itself are inseparable. Some people will network agency advantage is summed up in four points: one is the low cost, high benefit. Two is a fast, high efficiency. By email, can complete the information consulting and exchange on the Internet a few minutes. The three is the exchange is simple and convenient, interactive.

Major paint store, found in during the visit the author, inadequate means of sales promotion, in addition to buy gifts, integral, deposit double reduction, full It is often seen. activity policy, most stores and not too many special promotion policy. In the price war has gradually lost the role of context, between the stores and businesses competition will be more to the characteristics of the contents and humanized service. The competition between enterprises will become the service level, enterprise culture and other soft conditions of competition.

People's life and work pressure big, every weekend when they need to relax, and most people decoration shopping is also want to paint stores can be linked with the shopping, leisure, entertainment and other activities, when a paint store and other peripheral facilities to form a circle, consumers can the nearest shopping, leisure, entertainment after shopping in stores, which undoubtedly has great appeal for consumers.