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Four development 2014 Coatings Market

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2014 is half over, in a year of in the past, it Chinese coatings market amidst the winds of change, with further aggravate the competition of domestic and international coatings market and profit space shrinking, small and medium-sized enterprises in the twists and turns in the struggle to survive. Recalling that in 2013 the China coating market, there are four areas of concern:

A low profit era, coating Market

Chinese coatings market two trends have shown. The paint brands because of strong capital and profitability to "open shop, form expanding open multi shop". Small and medium-sized paint brands with low cost, low price advantage puerile, take profits in the smaller area within the. But, regardless of whether the paint brands large and small, paint market common trend is: intensifying competition, rising costs of raw materials, consumer is more difficult than ever "to serve". Feudal lords vying for the throne, the profit China coating market has come of age.

Two, paint market survival of the fittest, "import rate"

The current China coatings market "import rate" is very high. Because the coating industry technology is relatively low threshold, we paint brand new in coating market "test the water", in an attempt to share the profit in the coatings market. But paint production cost in recent years to continue to rise, also let the paint manufacturers have a firm foothold in the paint market become unable to fit in, fully guaranteed in the volume of transactions not market pressures, paint brands can not insist on the final choice.

Three, marketing means paint business single, no innovation, heavy surface

China paint brand marketing means always fight to the eye, the pursuit of "big", but the heavy table is not heavy marketing tendency to paint brand hard into the heart. Early Nippon advertising success, once let many paint companies crazy follow suit, for a time the size of paint advertising media bombardment, followed Nippon failed, paint enterprises with various public relations activities to promote the generation, then "drinking paint", "paint body painting" attract eyeball stunt promotion was hilarious extraordinary. But because of various reasons, these coatings enterprises have gradually faded from view -- if only the gimmicky promotion to attract the eye, may cause "sensation" in the short term, but due to the lack of coatings enterprises bigger and the core elements of strong, force impact this propaganda is very limited, but can not bring the hard power of survival long term must be in the sinister "paint enterprises in the market environment".

Four, paint market local brands rise

Behind the bustling China coating market, the local brand of coatings is quietly rising. Some work in China coatings market for many years, familiar with the laws of the market of small and medium-sized enterprises have sophisticated and mature paint, in R & D strength, coating quality comparable to foreign brands. At the same time as the localization of production cost control and local government of the corresponding support, they in the paint market strength can not be. Coatings in the world giants have increased Chinese construction investment at the same time, the meaning of the rising local brand paint Chinese is more profound.